Tea Time With Tawny Becomes a Thing


So, I created a website for my podcast, Tea Time With Tawny!!

I suppose that means it’s a thing now.

It’s been a year of trying out podcasting, so I figured for my anniversary I would make a website for it. It’s a still an experiment in story telling. Still don’t want it to be too polished. It’s a fun hobby that I like sharing with others. I hope you like it too.

I have a new episode too. It’s on Simon Sinek’s recent interview on The Millennial Question. You can listen to it here – I even have shownotes!

So, yes, please go to it, follow it, share it, listen to the podcast, etc. I would highly appreciate it. Or not. That’s okay, either way.

Tea Time With Tawny: I am 31 and I’ve Learned Some Things

podcast profile-03So, I finally recorded a new episode of Tea Time With Tawny:

“I am 31 and I’ve Learned Some Things”

I am not sure of the format of the podcast. I like the fluidity. I have no expectations of it. I am even okay with nobody listening to it, especially this episode. I just needed to talk things out. I learn best when I can talk things out and I don’t always get the opportunity to do so, so this podcast may turn into that. Who knows.

I will, of course, add any awkward dating anecdotes on there when they come up or if I remember them as they are the funnest to record and also receive the most listens (hmmm I wonder why?).

But until then, this will be the last episode of 2016 and I think it ends “the season” on a high note. Enjoy!


The Healing Heart

As I go through this process of healing I am finding my heart is quite ugly. Being in the presence of a Holy God does that to you, I suppose. Light shines on the darkness — that insipid darkness both familiar and foreign — and you realize the striking contrast of you and God. And there is no despair — there is hope.

God is healer. He is washing me clean. He is giving me new life in the places that are dead. He’s beautiful, wonderful, awesome in that way. So very thankful I get to spend time with Him. So very thankful that I have this time to reflect.

Thankful for my heart that is healing.

An Explanation…

So, I’ve been doing this 90 Days Project for the last 10 days. I didn’t really have a plan per say, just to make something every day in response to what God is teaching me in the next 90 days.

I created an official little blog for it: 90 Days Project. I like the look of Tumblr and it will free up my WordPress again for my writing. If you care to follow up on the project, please go there. I may publish further days on here for the ones that I want to explain. I don’t know. I am just making it happen day by day.

So, what is this 90 days thing?

Without going into too much detail, God has given me the next 90 days to heal from some past hurts, gain clarity, and make an important decision. It may be longer than three months and it may be shorter. I don’t know. But there it is.

And so it goes…