It’s been one year (give a take or a month since I am behind on my blog) since I began my Weight Watchers Journey. I’ve experienced weight loss and some weight gains, but overall this journey has been moving me toward a healthier me. And for that, I am thankful.

One year ago I did a “before” photo shoot (read post). I wanted to celebrate the “me then” because no matter the weight, I am still a beloved child of God.

Here’s me a year ago.

And here I am now.

So, what have I learned?

God is with me. I honestly would not have been able to lose the weight without the Lord. I am so weak when it comes to food. I am so addicted to sweets. I have learned I can say no and I can say yes to some things.

It is and has always been more than just about food or about being hungrier than others, it’s been about where I find my comfort. It’s a humble realization and one that I am working on with God as I desire to find my comfort in Him and not in food.

Having a community is so important. I love my weekly Weight Watchers meeting, my leader Lesley, and just the men and women who fill the chairs every week who share their struggles and triumphs. I also love my friends, some of who have joined WW this year too. It’s nice to be able to discuss openly about WW points, learn about recipes that they are using, and to also share clothes!

And also you, the reader. Thank you for supporting me through this journey by reading my posts and leaving lovely comments.

So, what are the stats?

To date, I have lost 28 pounds. At one point I had an overall weight loss of 34. I started at a slacks size of 16/18 (more 18) and I am now in a 12. I was pushing some XXL shirts and now I am in an L.

X no longer marks me.

My goal is to lose another 21 pounds and then decide on my WW Goal.

So, let’s see what the next year will bring! Until then, I will continue to try and do the Weight Watchers Wednesday series (though some might be on a Tuesday or Thursday).

Photos are by Heather Allison Love! My favorite photographer!

And just because she is so talented and I rarely ever get to say “I love this photo of me,” I leave you with some more from our photo shoot.


2 thoughts on “Weight Watchers: My One-Year Anniversary

  1. Hi Tawny, you are a good example to all of us that we don’t have to be perfect or stay on a downward weight-loss trajectory 24/7 for weeks but we should entually have have more good weeks than bad! After losing 26 lbs, I read it three times a week at the gym over the last three weeks, and I’ve seen my blood pressure go down by 30 points on both numbers!

    Whatever indicator is most important for the stage of life A woman is in, whether it be weight loss, inches, size, or internal health and longevity, God has grace and a plan for each of us.


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