Weight Watchers Wednesday: A Month of Maintaining

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I can’t believe it’s already mid-July! The past month has been about maintaining and surviving. Beginning in June, I was swept up in preparing for my job’s annual conference, then hosting the conference, and then recovering from the conference (along with holidays and other social events).

My goal hasn’t been to lose but just to maintain and survive. And I can say, for the most part, I have maintained. I’ve gained a 1.8 pounds since the end of May, and knowing what I actually ate, I am okay with that damage.

So what’s next?

I have two goals this week: track and stay within my points. I have found the most success when I track because it keeps me accountable for what I put into my mouth.

Also, I want to try a new recipe.

So, that’s like three goals. That’s it.

These are SMART goals

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Relevant
  5. Time-bound

As I’ve said before, it’s a journey and maybe I am taking the longer way but I am still going to end up in the same place. And as each day passes, these healthy habits I’ve been learning and adapting are becoming more ingrained into my every day routine where it’s not just a Weight Watcher thing but a thing I just do – a Tawny thing.

Also, if you’re interested in joining Weight Watchers consider using my reference link so that you and I both get a free month of membership! Click here: https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/checkout/iaf/?iaftoken=84A4707800

2 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Wednesday: A Month of Maintaining

  1. Hi Tawny,
    Thanks for a reminder of the SMART goals, which I’ve used often, whether for academics, politics, business, fitness, or personal spiritual goals. But the “R” that I learned and am used to is “Realistic.” what’s your thought on that?


    P.S. “With God, nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37


    1. Yes, I love SMART goals. I’ve also been taught it as Realistic but I’ve also seen Relevant… and to be honest, I liked relevant because technically the entire SMART is supposed to be realistic, so it sounds redundant. But I think both works 🙂


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