Weight Watchers Wednesday: G to DD

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“I didn’t recognize you from the back or from the side, Tawny. You carry yourself differently now. I remember when you came in August to now, you really do carry yourself differently,” explained my Weight Watchers leader, Leslie.

She ain’t lyin.

I’ve noticed the change in how I carry myself too. I see it in photos that others take of me. I am not saying I have perfect posture or have been completely cured of my body insecurity, but I’ve made progress. And progress is all anyone can ask for, really. I don’t expect perfection this side of heaven… just progress.

There’s many reasons why I am carrying myself differently.

  1. I literally have less weight to carry
  2. My core strength has improved so I can literally carry myself better
  3. I am not afraid of showing off my body
  4. My bra size is down

Let’s expand on number four.

I started growing a chest around age eight. By age ten, I was made fun of for having breasts by boys who would later want to see them (get out of here!). By high school I was a size F (I remember because my friend made fun of me for getting my first F in high school). And then I settled into a G in college.

And then this year happened. This year, for the first time in my weight loss journey of over ten years, my cup size decreased! I am now proud to say I am wearing a DD — something I never thought possible. And even now I could probably go down to a D (here’s hoping!).

Instead of the young girl who hunched over because she hated drawing attention to her self,  I am now a woman who is just excited that my breasts have decreased and I can stand up straight not fearing that I am going to side-swipe a child (again).

Until next week… (or the week after as I am heading to a conference, so most likely the following week).

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