Weight Watchers Wednesday: a New Decade of Weight

Well, it happened. I have moved into a new “decade” of weight. Hello 170s!

I have finally hit a number that I don’t recall every being in. I remember the 160s when my appendix exploded and I was at 164 for a while until I gained all 40 pounds back (and then some) within a year. I remember 180s because that was the number I finally hit senior year of college — 189 to be exact — when I thought I could just exercise a lot to lose and maintain weight (it lasted a week).

So, when I stood on the scale and saw 179 I had no thoughts. Just surprise! No connection or memory associated with it. I only know it as the number I currently weigh at age 32.

Hello, 170s. Nice to meet you. I hope to not spend so much of my life in this decade, but I will be kind to you as I pass on through.

So where am I at?

  • I’ve lost 36 pounds since August 2017
  • I’ve lost 5.8 inches since February 2018
  • My current goal is to get to 164

That means I have 15 pounds to go. By the way my body has been losing, I will be able to lose it by the end of the year! It’s really exciting. It’s hard to explain the gratitude and excitement that I’ve experienced these last 10 months. To have lived the majority of my life feeling at odds with my body to now feeling like I understand this body God has given me is such a gift.

What else? I am thankful that I am no longer afraid of food or trying on clothes. I am thankful I am able to trust the compliments from others, and more importantly, the good things I say about myself. All of these things are a blessing from God.

I knew when beginning this journey that God was going to do a lot of work in me, but I didn’t realize what all it would encompass. This journey has been filled with pain, dedication, and sacrifice, but it’s also been filled with joy, sweetness, excitement, and love. It’s all of it…the full journey.

And here’s a semi-before and after photo

August 2017


May 2018

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