Weight Watchers Wednesday: Crowd Sourcing My Wardrobe

So, I accidentally crowd sourced a new wardrobe last week! I had mentioned how my clothes were no longer fitting me on my Instagram and made the joke that people could Square me some money. Well, be careful what you say on the Internet because some people actually did! I am still stunned by people’s generosity. It was so encouraging and something I really needed. It will forever be one of my favorite stories of my Weight Watchers journey.

So, I went on a shopping spree!

This weekend I went and spent that money (mainly so that I wouldn’t spend it on other things), and I found out I went down to the lowest bra size I’ve been since the beginning of high school! Yes, that long! I am now in a categories of bra that it’s popular enough that they didn’t have the color that I wanted. I MEAN, WHAT IS THIS LIFE?

I also purchased a new cardigan (see photo above) and a new pair of pants (not pictured). I basically purchased wardrobe staples that I’ve needed for work and it’s such a relief. I know it’s super First World Problems to be stressed that I don’t have clothes to wear because I am purposefully losing weight, but it’s a stress nonetheless that is now alleviated.


Until next week!


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