It’s Not Wednesday; Related Thoughts on My Weight Loss Experience

Ready for some First World Problems? Honestly, this entire blog is a First World Problem. I have the luxury of being on a diet and eating less food. I have the luxury to donate large amounts of clothes because they don’t fit me. I have the luxury to be excited over purchasing jeans that are the smallest I’ve ever fit into as it’s a good thing that I am losing weight because I am not starving or sick.

With all that said… I wanted to share some thoughts on my weight loss journey. Feel free to read along.

“You know that doesn’t fit you, right?”

A phrase I’ve been hearing quite frequently, which is meant as a compliment, has been “You know that doesn’t fit you, right?” Or maybe it’s, “Tawny, you need new pants…” or “That shirt is too big…” or “Looks like you’re wearing that for the last time…” or “Are you wearing your Harry Potter robes?” (apparently, my dress was too big).

It’s nice that people are noticing that I am losing weight, but it’s also annoying because I don’t have the money to buy more clothes or the desire to shop. So, I decided to go “shop” through my dresser and try on all of my clothes to see what I could fit into. Apparently, not as much as I thought, and with my options limited, I decided to go to Old Navy and use some of my Rewards money to purchase a pair of jeans.

I can fit into what?!

So, with coupons and rewards in hand, I headed into Old Navy with a goal: buy jeans that actually fit. I didn’t think I would hit a milestone. I thought the current jeans I had were just stretched out and surely I didn’t lose that many inches.

I was wrong.

I went down to a 12 pants size! I wasn’t expecting it. When I grabbed a selection of jeans, which were made up of mostly size 14, I decided to throw in a size 12 just to see — how close am I? And to my surprise, I was very close — in fact, a size 12 was a little loose.

Ridiculous Instagram story I did in response…IMG_4212.gif

The last time I recall being this size was over 10 years ago post-appendectomy, and that didn’t even last long because as you know I was overweight for a reason. So, let’s go further back in time…back when little Tawny was in middle school. I remember buying size 13 pants then. So, size 12? What is this nonsense?

I started this Weight Watchers program at a size 16 and now I am 12. I didn’t think I would get here, but I am so thankful I have stuck it out for the last eight months to get here… and I am excited to see where the next eight months will bring me.

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