Weight Watchers Wednesday: Listen all of y’all it’s a (self) sabotage

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This is the face of a woman who knows she has set a precedent to take photos but is just not in the mood.

So, after a week of trying to self-sabotage I came out losing weight. How did that happen?

First off,  this week I lost weight and I am now .6 pounds away from 30 pounds of weight loss, which is insane to think. That’s a toddler. I have lost a toddler. Good thing I am not a mom or I would ask someone to report me to the proper authorities.

Anyways! I am getting closer to goal, but my attitude is currently very salty. And somehow, this past week I failed in self-sabotage.

I didn’t track as much. I ate Easter-style candy, cookies, and high in points Starbucks. I even went to the grocery store with the intention of buying no-no foods — a self-sabotage excursion — and yet, none of the foods appealed to me (more on that later).

But, why the self-sabotage?

I am under a lot of stress, my why is not holding up, and it was the week before I started a period. Three potent ingredients for a disaster.

And yet, somehow, through it all, I still lost 1.2 pounds. An unexpected mercy, if I do say so myself.

Why didn’t my self-sabotage work?

As I said before, I went to the grocery store to purchase no-no foods but none of it was appealing enough. What used to call out to me: soda, chips, pastries, etc., didn’t appeal to me. Not only were they not worth the points or the money, they were not worth wasting my taste buds on them. I didn’t desire them anymore.

I realized that my body deserves better and I was instinctively reflecting that truth in my decisions.

And honestly, I couldn’t ask for more personal growth than that.

As I said on this blog before, my goal is not just to lose weight but to make Weight Watchers a lifestyle. I want to live a better, healthier version of me (inside and out). So, choosing not to eat unhealthy foods is a good start, but the next step is focusing on core issues. Sure, I can change behavior, but changing heart and will is much harder. When I have a salty weak, what do I go to? Six months ago I went to foods that destroyed my body, but this week it was different. In my weakness, I still chose foods that were not destroying me. Sure, some were still high in points, but nothing compared to what I would have chosen six months ago.

And I thank God for this foundational change.

My desires have changed.

I have changed.

And my body’s transformation is reflecting my heart’s transformation. 


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