Weight Watchers Wednesday: 25 Pounds Down

So it happened, I have lost 25 pounds since joining Weight Watchers in August 2017. It averages to be about 1 pound per week, which according to WW is healthy weight loss.

So, what is one tip that I can share?

Set yourself up for success

I set myself up for success by bringing snacks, meal planning, and budgeting. I set myself up by going to sleep early and putting my phone outside my room at night. I set myself up by budgeting points that allows me to eat my favorite sweets so that I don’t go into full rebellion mode and EAT ALL OF THE THINGS. I set myself up by giving myself as much grace as possible and thanking my past self for making those good decisions.

The Case of The Eggs

Case in point, I had brought some hard boiled eggs to work and left them in the fridge and forgot about them. Later in the week I was starving and was considering going out and grabbing an unhealthy snack from Starbucks when I saw my eggs in the fridge. I yelled, “Thank you past Tawny!” and ate them instead of Starbucks.

Thanking yourself for good decisions made and giving yourself grace when poor decisions are made sets one up for success.

Cultivate a community

I know I said one tip, but what can I say? I have lots of thoughts!

I wouldn’t be able to do this without my community either.

I have dear friends who have been doing Weight Watchers for years and others who joined after me and they make the difference. Also, going to the weekly meetings are a great encouragement. Writing this weekly blog keeps me accountable and encourages me to keep going. And sharing my progress on Marco Polo with friends spurs me on.

Having a support network is essential and I am ever so grateful to have mine. 

Until week,


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