Weight Watchers Wednesday: Ooh La La


Another week of Weight Watchers. Here are some updates and thoughts.

Non-Scale Victory: I can fit into my Ooh la la sweater! I haven’t been able to wear this sweater in years. And my pants are fitting funky — ooh la la!

What I learned: When I am sick I have no self-control. I spent all last week with the flu and I am finally back to normal as of yesterday. And in that week I did not follow the program. In fact, I said yes to everything my body wanted. “Oh you want a soda?” YES. “Oh you want chips?” BBQ it is!

Surprisingly, I didn’t gain weight. I maintained. And I am okay with that.

We all have our off weeks. And the point of this program is not to quickly lose weight — but to make this a lifestyle. I am doing a marathon here with my health and I will take my time to the finish line. I don’t want to rush because I know how I do — it won’t be sustainable and I want to be healthy for the long haul.

So, I’ll take a week where I maintained my weight. I’ll take a week in which I ate more cookies than I should have (did I mention the cookies? Oh so good!).


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