Weight Watchers Wednesday: Non-Scale Victories and Other Thoughts

Weight Watchers
A non-scale victory is a goal reached, a surprise benefit of the program, or simply, a victory overcome that has nothing to do with the number on the scale. I had one of those this week. I FIT INTO MY FAVORITE SLACKS.

The Slacks Story

In 2015, I lost some weight and I purchased slacks that were fun and different. As 2016 rolled around I couldn’t fit into them that well — my tummy was definitely in pain when trying to button them. And by 2017, I was considering giving them to the Salvation Army because they were not even close to fitting.

Well, I tried them on today because I knew I needed a non-scale victory. I needed the encouragement to keep going as I had weighed myself at home and it showed me that I gained weight (I blame the three nights of drinking with friends). It was a gamble to try the slacks on but it paid off and pumped me up for my weigh-in.

More than a number

My weigh-in today was successful as I lost weight (whoohoo), but I realized for me this program is not about the number but how I feel. Am I comfortable in my skin? Can I wear the clothes I want? Do I have more energy? Do I enjoy the food I am eating?

Yes, enjoy!

I have learned to enjoy the food I am eating because the shame and guilt associated with food (the language of “bad” or “good”) has been disappearing. When I have used those words in the past (and don’t get me wrong, I am still using them), I have internalized it as “I am bad.” Yet, I must remember that my identity does not change by the things I put into my mouth.

Sure, some foods are more beneficial to my overall health; however, I am not a “good person” if I eat only healthy foods. I am still me — a daughter of the Eternal King whose value and identity is not defined by this world but by the Creator.

So, this week I am learning there is quite a lot of freedom as I remove these layers of guilt and it’s fantastic.

Oh! I also hit another milestone: 16 weeks of Weight Watchers Meetings (whooohoo)!

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