Weight Watchers Wednesday: The Why


In six months I have reached my 10% weight loss goal. What that really means is that I lost 23.6 pounds.

It’s a huge milestone for me as it’s something that I was aiming to hit since I started back in August. Back then, it seemed like such a formidable number. Now, it’s a goal achieved.

The Why

The Weekly is asking us to figure out “the why” behind our weight loss. Of course it changes as each season passes, so currently here is my why:

I want to lose weight to save money.

I am as surprised by this answer as you are, but it makes sense as I have a lot to save and pay off in 2018 for 2019’s events to happen (more on that later — like later, later).

Portion control equals budget control.

When I’m on WW, I eat less and I actually follow serving sizes so my grocery budget is manageable. I also spend less on frivolous and “high abuse” foods because I don’t want to waste my points on them, and subsequently, my money.

Also clothes! As I’ve lost weight, my old clothes fit me so I don’t have to buy new clothes, and well — plus size clothes are more expensive, so as I lose inches I am saving money on fabric. Also, there’s more clothes available in non-plus sizes at thrift stores and second-hand shops.

And ultimately, when I make Lifetime and maintain the weight, I won’t have to pay the monthly Weight Watchers fee, so that also saves me money.

So what’s “Your Why?” Why are you wanting to lose weight?

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