Weight Watchers Wednesday: Know Your Body’s Patterns

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Sometimes I awkwardly stand for photos…

One of the coolest things I’ve learned whilst doing Weight Watchers is the repeated patterns of my body.

I’ve learned that the week before I start my period (yes, I am talking about menstrual cycles on here,  folks), my body does not want to give up any weight. It’s like, “Hold on! We may get pregnant. Hold everything we have!”

And then I don’t get pregnant and then it’s “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!” And I subsequently shed the weight.

In the beginning of my WW journey I was so down on myself the week before my period. At weigh in, I would see the increased number and think, I worked so hard. I tracked. I exercised. Why am I not losing weight? Fine, I’ll go get some Starbucks (my go-to comfort calories).

And then after doing this program for months, I started to see the pattern — the week before my period I don’t lose weight. And that’s okay!

I’ve learned to give myself grace the week before my period, though honestly, I should give myself grace 100% of the time — but I am still working on that part.

How about you? Have you learned any repeated patterns?

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