Weight Watchers Wednesday: Reset for the New Year

After two work-related trips, a three-week vacation, Thanksgiving, birthday, Christmas, and New Year’s celebrations, I have somehow began this year with the same weight I started with two months ago.

Well, let me explain.

Before I left for the first work-related trip to Boston, I went into my weigh-in and then didn’t return for another weigh-in until the end of December, which was after most of the shenanigans listed above. When I did, I gained 2.8 pounds. Honestly, I was excited because I ate my way through Scotland and had no regrets (bring on the cider and whiskey!).

And then I continued on the celebrations and another work trip to Atlanta, leading me up to today when I went in for my first weigh-in of the year. Yes, I expected to have gained weight but there I was staring at the scale only to realize that I lost 2.8 pounds.

I am literally at the same weight I started at back in November.

How did this happen?

After losing 20 pounds on the program, I have learned a thing or two and was able to incorporate much of what I learned in how I ate sans app and strictly following the program while I was away.

Here’s what I did:

  • Filled up on veggies and fruit
  • Said hello to almond milk and non-fat milk in my Starbucks drinks
  • Ate lots of eggs
  • Substituted my movie theater soda with the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar
  • Remembered that I didn’t need to eat everything on my plate
  • Drank lots of water
  • Shared my dessert with a friend or co-worker
  • Avoided skipping meals and instead ate less and made healthier decisions

Weight Watchers Wednesday

So what is this blog series going to be about? I am going to try and keep a weekly update on my Weight Watchers journey to encourage those who are using the program (including myself) and for those who just want encouragement on choosing healthier habits.

Fair warning: I am not an expert. I am far from perfect. And I am learning as I go.

My Journey So Far

I began WW on August 23, 2017, and weighed in at 215.4 pounds. This wasn’t the heaviest I had been in my life, but I was moving in the wrong direction with my health. I wanted to take control of my life and change the trajectory of where I was going. I knew that I wasn’t honoring God with my life choices and it was something that I needed help with.

So, after hearing about the program through a friend, I decided I would make the financial commitment to my health. Put skin in the game, so to speak. And since August, I have lost 20.6 pounds.

I honestly didn’t think losing that much weight was possible and yet here I am, six months later, realizing that it is possible. It’s doable. It’s easy. And actually quite enjoyable.

New Year Goal

I am overwhelmed and excited for what 2018 will bring with my weight loss journey. It feels great to start this new year right where I left off back in November.

My current goal is to get down to 160 pounds. So, I suppose I have 34.8 pounds to go. And it’s actually doable, which is remarkable to me. I am capable of so much more, and so are you!

Let’s do this!

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