Changing Up My Living Space

Earlier this month I was sitting in my living area and I felt suffocated by all of the things, all of the clutter, all of the color, all of the darkness, and all of the items that just didn’t have a place to be. So, I decided to do make some changes.

Let me preface, I am not an interior designer. Most of the items I have are due to the generosity of friends from church and strangers who left their items in my alley. They all have precious memories associated with them, but I felt it was time to purchase some more of my own furniture and make some new memories (yes, by spending hours putting them together and wanting to yell and throw things whilst doing so).

So, here’s a before picture.


It’s not bad, but I wanted something different.

And after

Processed with VSCO with oc preset

Most of my purchases are from Wayfair and Target.

So what did I change?

I finally bought some proper bookcases that actually holds all of my books! Instead of having crates filled with them and just books stacked on top of one another that inevitably would fall over, they are now sitting in shelves — organized.

I added light colors to the room! I got rid of the dark colored rug that had a lot of earth tones and instead went for a white and gray rug. I also added white and gray curtains. Basically, the colors are white, gray, and yellow. While I cannot completely get away from earth tones in this space, a little addition of contemporary pale colors couldn’t hurt.

And yes, there’s a yellow endtable. Yellow is just a happy color, isn’t it?

Soon I will have a gray reading chair next to the window and the endtable will hold some of my books. I miss having a reading chair. My previous chair had to be left at my last place as it was basically on it’s last leg and wouldn’t make the move. So in a week or two I will be sitting pretty on a pretty gray Wingback.

So what did I learn?

  • It takes me a year to decide on the type of bookcase I want.
  • It takes me a collective 5 hours to assemble two bookcases.
  • It takes me 2.5 hours to assemble an endtable.
  • Okay, I am just bad at making things with my hands. I am more of a mind person.
  • It will take three different people and their respective screwdrivers to find the right one.
  • I cannot carry bookcases up a flight of stairs and will call a man to help me.
  • My roomie cannot help carry a bookcase up the stairs — it will fall on her and she will pathetically, yet gracefully, fall under pressure.
  • FedEx is not reliable.
  • Area rugs not only catch dust, but keeps the cool air from coming through the floor. They are necessary little buggers.
  • Wayfair has great customer service.
  • And more importantly, I am incredibly grateful for the funds and freedom to change my living area. God has seriously blessed me and I do not take it lightly.

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