Tea Time With Tawny: I am 31 and I’ve Learned Some Things

podcast profile-03So, I finally recorded a new episode of Tea Time With Tawny:

“I am 31 and I’ve Learned Some Things”

I am not sure of the format of the podcast. I like the fluidity. I have no expectations of it. I am even okay with nobody listening to it, especially this episode. I just needed to talk things out. I learn best when I can talk things out and I don’t always get the opportunity to do so, so this podcast may turn into that. Who knows.

I will, of course, add any awkward dating anecdotes on there when they come up or if I remember them as they are the funnest to record and also receive the most listens (hmmm I wonder why?).

But until then, this will be the last episode of 2016 and I think it ends “the season” on a high note. Enjoy!


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