4 Prayers Answered

On Sunday, December 4, I had four prayers answered.

Church services moved to a new location!

I moved to Chicago four years ago to help start a new church in Logan Square. We have been in many locations, but we have been static in one location for the last three years. God had been incredibly gracious to us for the space we had but we were outgrowing it. God answered our prayers for a new location at a school that we had prayed over four years before, and this Sunday was our first service there. I can’t explain to you the depth of gratitude and excitement I felt, and my church felt, this Sunday. God to you be the glory!



Yes, I love snow and it had not snowed all season long and I selfishly wanted it for my birthday. AND THEN IT HAPPENED. It started snowing during service and right after the blessing I straight up ran outside and danced in it. No shame. It was glorious.


Feeling Loved on my Birthday

I have a hard time asking and accepting love. It’s something God and I have been working on for the last 9 years or so. Whenever my birthday comes around I fall into this cycle of wanting to be loved then wanting to reject it. It’s a nasty cycle that always leaves me in tears. And this birthday was hard because it was the anniversary of John’s death, and I was also sick. So I was nervous that this birthday was going to be a repeated disaster. I reached out to a couple of friends to pray for me. I wanted to focus on the good – I wanted to focus on God.

Well, from waking up to a birthday present from my roommate, to attending church with many hugs and “Happy Birthdays”, to having a quick lunch with friends, to teaching a New Believers Class and having them surprise me with a birthday cake and song, to well…

Surprise Birthday Dinner!


This is one of those unsaid desires. Since I dislike asking for love, I always thought it would be nice if I were to ever have a husband that he would do the organizing of birthday celebrations. Maybe it’s a surprise. Maybe it’s a “Hey Darling, we’re doing this tonight. Okay?” I mean that’s awesome! Pressure is off. Well, it happened! No, I didn’t get married, but my friend Melissa asked me if she could take me out to dinner! I said yes (which is actually a big deal for me to even say yes), and then I told her that she can choose the place (again, take the pressure off!).

She picked me up and we headed over to a sushi restaurant (my favorite) and we walked in and I saw some familiar faces. It took me a good minute to realize that they were there for me! I honestly thought, “Oh, look Danielle is eating sushi too! We can stop and say hi and then go find ourselves a seat.” Oh, dear.

It was beautiful evening though. I felt so loved.


All in all, it was a great birthday. Thank you to everyone who made me feel so special. And thank you Lord for answering my prayers. You’re such a Good Father. It’s kind of unfathomable in all the ways you love us.

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