Unencumbered Elephants

As I said in another post, NaNoWriMo is the month I usually work on writing a novel, but alas the amount of responsibilities piled on me forces me to skip this year’s festivities. Except I am determined to write a creative piece on this here blog, kind of, sort of, weekly.

So, here I go…

First week’s prompt was Write a scene from the day of a wedding: Loving an Addict’s Daughter.

This week’s…

Prompt: Grab 3 random words from Random Word Generator.

Rules: Write a solid 10 minutes. No editing. Just writing.

  1. elephant
  2. sea
  3. crew

“It won’t be long until we reach the elephants,” Captain Marquis announced over the speakers. My heart could barely contain the new increased rhythm as I tried to steady myself as we hit each wave, moving closer to land. I had been waiting for this moment since I was a little girl when I first saw The Jungle Book. The idea of a large animal who never forgot astounded me. What would life be like if you could really remember everything? Every detail of your life? What stories could it tell me? And what would it tell about our first meet? I am sure it won’t remember how excited and terrified I was to meet it, but will only recall my placid reverence when I approach it on its terms. Sometimes it’s best to detach the head from the heart when you’re working for 18 months with a crew at sea.

It’s not always good to reveal your cards, especially when you have no idea what you are doing most of the time. I was chosen to go on this expedition as one of the leading scientists, though to be honest, I didn’t feel fit for the job. My partners on this ship are more equipped, experienced, and mature than I, a 27-year-old who only recently graduated university. Sure, I hold three degrees but what do I know of life?

I actually took this job because I knew I would be able to see life. No longer would I stare at it through a petri dish and through screens; no, I Elizabeth Stevens would be touching life. Really touching it. And I will be able to see what wild, unencumbered, unengineered, and blemished life was really like. These animals won’t be perfect. They are not tamed and created by me, but something else. Something more powerful. More knowing. More mysterious than I could ever presume.

“Dr. Stevens, you’re needed in the cabin,” a voice announced over the speakers. It was time. It was time to walk on land again and finally see what others have only dreamed to witness and to study.

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