A Saturday of Grace

14567380_10154587151626926_6997700138693989476_oLast Saturday I had the honor of teaching on Grace for Self at Kindred, a Real Church Chicago Women’s Ministry. And I truly mean it was an honor.

This post is not a rehash of what I taught (that may come later). It’s to be a declaration of God’s grace and His goodness.

Saturday was a perfect example of God’s Redeeming Providence. I was able to take all of the years of depression and suicide and share about them not as a story of shame or guilt, but rather as signposts of God’s goodness and grace. And I was able to take those signposts and show the way to grace for others.

I had so many women come up to me afterward to tell me their own stories, to share how my story has impacted them, and how my story has encouraged them. That right there makes my history with depression worth it. If my pain can save another life or encourage one in their fight, then it would have been worth it.

I love working with my Father. I love teaching with the Holy Spirit. I love pointing to Jesus in everything I do. I am incredibly grateful to live in a place and time that I can do this. I know not all have this freedom and I will not take it for granted.

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