A Dream of Alien Zombies, Baguettes, and the Predator…

I know nobody cares about other people’s dreams.

So you can just breeze pass this post. I just had to share my insane, rich, dream that I still can’t stop thinking about. I am sure it’s my brain processing all the images I saw at Wizard World this weekend.

I was at my parent’s house in the garage. The garage door was open and there was a large fridge filled with homemade baguettes and sushi.

Zombie-like aliens were running up to my yard and I was throwing the bread at them as if it was keeping them from eating me.

A human ran into my house, so I ran after him, to find him in my shower. I threw Sriracha on his face and then he laughed, and I laughed, and then I ran back outside to throw more bread.

When I got out there all the bread had been taken and the Predator was out there running toward my house. I took the sushi and chucked it across my lawn and then ran and closed my garage door – this not only added a barricade but created a force field around my house.

I went inside and found the guy inside my house, afraid that I would throw something at him again. I motioned him to follow me down into the secret basement – the entry way under the couch. He asked me why I was feeding the aliens and I told him the baguettes were actually laced with poison. It was part of a larger plan to eradicate the alien species. I grabbed my walkie-talkie and let the person on the other end know that the Predator was outside. He said he would take care of him and I looked at the human and apologized for the Sriracha .

The end.

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