7 Episodes of Tea Time With Tawny!

podcast profile-03I just finished my seventh episode of my podcast, Tea Time With Tawny. It’s pretty exciting to have been this consistent with podcasting. I have enjoyed telling a story in a different way. I’ve also learned how much I love adding music and sound effects to my stories! Most of the time these songs are in my head anyways, so it’s nice to have others hear them!

It’s been interesting to have feedback on this project too.

Writing novels, it’s just me and the few friends I’ve read some pages too. When I did YouTube videos mostly strangers watched them. Even this blog most people don’t talk to me about it in person, but podcasting has been different. Most of my friends listen to my podcast, which is seriously awesome – I feel so honored that people are spending 10 minutes listening to my stories every week! It’s been surreal to have friends come up to me and talk to me about my podcast, what they liked about it, what they want more of, etc. It’s awesome. It was my biggest fear for people I know to listen to my stuff, but now it’s like a reward for doing the “brave” thing.

So, thank you for listening to my podcast. I appreciate your feedbacks, please tweet at me (@mynameistawny) or use the #TeaTimeWithTawny to let me know what you think, what you want me to talk about, etc.

Also, if you can, please subscribe to me on iTunes and rate and review. It helps 🙂

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