2016: A Year of Learning


My life is made up of themes and each year has a specific one. While it is nearing the halfway point of 2016, I’ve finally figured out this year’s theme: learning.

I have always been a student of life, and more importantly, student of Christ, but so far this year it’s been rather specific.

I am heading back to school, so that’s definitely on theme.

I have been doing Blue Apron, which is teaching me how to cook. This is also helping me in my Birthday Bucket List as I wanted to learn 10 recipes, I am well on my way to completing that this month!

I am learning how to tell a story in a different way by doing my podcast.

I am learning how to love God more.

I am learning to actually be disciplined in my writing and finish a story.

I am learning how to live a healthy lifestyle apart from hardcore exercising (as I tore my rotator cuff).

And, I am learning how to serve God in different ways in my church,which brings many other things to learn.

I am sure I will learn more in the remainder of 2016.

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