Going Back to School!


So, it’s official I am heading back to school!

In 2012 I dropped out of graduate school to follow God to Chicago to help plant a church. I only completed half of my degree and it’s something I have wanted to finish for quite some time. Well, four years later, I am able to finish it but it’s not in the way I originally planned.

Before, I was studying for my master of arts in theology, but now I am returning for my certificate in theology.

Why, the certificate?

Well, for one funds. I am in quite a bit of school debt and I cannot add more to it. It would be incredibly foolish of me to go for a master’s without any funding. I only have a couple of courses left to complete the certificate.

Two, proximity. I still live in Chicago and many of the courses need to be taken on campus in California.

Three, God is moving me in the direction of teaching. Okay, let’s be honest that’s not a new thing, but it’s newer for my church. I know that learning and refining my education will impact not only my church but God’s Kingdom.

And fourth, there are many other smaller reasons, such as  I have a half of a masters and a whole lot of debt just sitting there – might as well do something with it!

Prayer Requests

My main concern is the funding. Even though it is just a certificate, graduate school is expensive, and I am solely responsible for myself and I am on a tight budget. Adding costs of class and textbooks is stretching my budget. I’ve applied for a scholarship, but most scholarships or grants do not apply to me as I am not going for a master’s. So, please pray that this scholarship goes though. It will pay up to 1/3, so it will definitely help.

Pray for financial blessings and miracles. It’s hard me to ask people for money as it is a luxury to go back to school, but I have prayed about this for awhile and I know God is letting me complete this.  I don’t want to stand in the way of His blessings. So, please pray that God will provide, whether that’s through you or someone else. (Agh! It was so hard writing that. I’ve honestly deleted this paragraph three times already.)

That this certificate will bless my church and God’s Kingdom. Already the knowledge I’ve learned from years of study has enabled me to teach at my church and on our blog, and I hope to be teaching more in the future. All of the time and knowledge I’ve learned is for God, plain and simple. Let Him multiply it and change people’s lives.

So, if you would like to donate (and honestly pray about it first!), you can use SquareCash or ChasePay or whatever else way – my email address is tawnyburgess at gmail dot com.  Or you can find me at church.


Thank you for your prayers. I am excited for this next chapter in my life and I am excited to see what God will do!

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