Writing Prompt: Memories of Furniture

Refe_56e5185800d7c_ANC5ACJ7V0.jpgDescribe your memories of a piece of furniture from your childhood home.

My home on Campbell Avenue is my quintessential home. It’s the house that stands as the archetype of home in my dreams. I only spent about 12 years in that place, but it was the first 12 years of my life when everything around me was forming my foundation.

My childhood room was a sizable rectangle with light purple colored walls and unicorn wallpaper that circled and lined the center of the four walls. I had a white mold that framed the wallpaper and many times in my childhood I would scratch my back against the chipped edgings.

I had matching white furniture, including a vanity and dresser. I also had a daybed that I usually liked to sleep under – I would throw all of my stuffed animals, barbies and blankets – and make a nest under the bed.  The furniture that strikes at my nostalgic heart the most is the wooden bookcase given to me by my dad. Why? Well, it held my treasure.

At night when everyone was asleep, after my parents had tucked me in at night and read me a book, I would begin my night of adventures. The rules were simple: I could be up all night but I was not to leave the room and I had to wake up for school the next day without argument. It was completely worth it. I am not sure how late I was up. I don’t remember clocks or watches — time was an entirely separate thing that only adults had to contend with.

When the house was settled, I would walk to my gorgeous bookcases and take every single book out from its place. I would stack them into separate piles, depending on what I felt like that night. Sometimes it was by color or by genre, and only sometimes by author’s last name. One time I organized it by length of time to read.

I had a clipboard that I would use to inventory my books. I would place each book back onto the shelf in the special order for the night and count my books as I went along. I had a system that was solely my own. And after some time of doing this, I would then select a book to read.

My favorite spot to read was in my closet. I enjoyed climbing to the top of the shelf with a flashlight and blanket and lay there all night reading. This is when the true adventure began. This is when I would leave the four walls of my room (or closet) and go on adventures with the Babysitter’s Club or with Juliet or with Frodo.


What are the rules to prompt writing? Set a timer for 15 minutes, grab a prompt, and write without delay. Forget about editing. Forget about diction. Just write.

This prompt brought to you by 300 Writing Prompts.

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