Having Faith

120HComing from a family without a faith can lead to some problems, especially when obeying and honoring your parents comes into direct conflict with God’s Will.

This problem arose when I moved across country to follow God’s calling to help plant a church in Chicago. It’s something they didn’t get. It’s something that still confounds them to this day, especially as I enter into my fourth year being gone. I had hoped that overtime they would understand but I think time has only made it worse.

The regular question I get asked is when I will return to California. They like to bring up the dangers of Chicago. They like to bring up what I am missing, such as my niece’s life. They like to bring up how being far away from family leads to a lonely life. They pretty much press guilt onto all the insecure spots in my life.

It’s hard.

It leads me to feeling angry, misunderstood, alone, and frustrated. I wanna respond with copious amounts of sass and sarcasm, which to be honest is not a great way to communicate God’s glory and blessings.

I have to continually remind myself that I am at first a daughter of the Eternal King. I put my faith in Jesus Christ and I have given my life to Him. I follow Him.  And none of that means anything to my family, other than that I am delusional and idiotic. But I knew nine years ago when I became a Christian what I was giving up and putting on myself and I would never go back and change that beautiful, wonderful day of grace.

I think about Jesus’s ministry in his hometown and how he was rejected. Sometimes you have to leave for people to see God’s glory. And that is what I pray for: my family will be a family of faith. 

4 thoughts on “Having Faith

  1. I understand wholeheartedly. My recommendation is to focus on loving them like we see Jesus do in the Bible. Pray hard and love hard. Let them see the good that God brings into your life. That’s what will get them at least started in the right direction!

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