A Weekend in New Buffalo

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

This weekend I ventured to New Buffalo, Michigan (I can strike going to a new state off my 30th Bucket List), with some ladies from my church.

The plan was simple: get stuff done you can’t get done at home because children and husband. As for me, it was just leave the state and get away from Netflix.

I wrote over 5,000 words of my novel though it would’ve been more but I opted into hanging out with friends instead.


We drank wine, watched Bridesmaids and The Waitress, ate ice cream, and walked around on the beach.


Truth is, coming home sucked and it’s not the reason why you’d think. They all missed someone. They all had someone to miss them. And I experienced none of that.

I spent the night crying in my bed feeling the weight of all my responsibilities return without any of the joy of returning home from a trip.

I am trying to remind myself of some truths that I discovered this weekend: (1) I have friends; (2) I have women I can go to whenever I am dating, married, pregnant, or parent that can offer advice; and (3) This time in my life is precious and I should savoir it. 


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