The City of God

vsco-photo-1 (4).jpg

I’ve been thinking about the City of God. When I close my eyes and think of eternity, I imagine what was written in Revelation with the new Jerusalem being the ultimate climax of the Bible – what began in a garden ends in a city.

We end in a city worshiping God for eternity.

When I think of why we end in a city, whether God means it to be literally or figuratively , I wonder why He gave us this image.

I am sure there are many reasons, but after taking a walk this evening (see picture above), I realized the city is a great reflection of God: Wild. Unpredictable. Powerful. Scandalous. Mighty. And at times from the outside, unmovable, even though when you live in a city something is always moving, like God.

I love living in a city like Chicago because it’s a constant reminder of eternity with God. 


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