Expecting the Unexpected

Expectations. We place them on ourselves. We place them on others. We place them on God. Sometimes these expectations can be encouraging and you end up setting a bar so high that it gives you room to reach.  Sometimes expectations can be limiting like a box constricting you and discouraging you. Sometimes expectations can lead to a dead faith. We put expectations on how God is supposed to act and either He acts in a contrary way and that makes us angry OR God defies our expectations and does something even more fantastic that encourages and breathes life into our faith.

I say all of this because I am reading Acts 11 and throughout it (and really, the whole book of Acts) God is defying expectations. Oh, you think the Gospel is just for you, circumcised Jews? No, no, no. It’s for the Gentiles too! Oh, you think, God I can’t eat this meat. It’s unclean. Well, God may just tell you otherwise. He is going to wreck your religion. He is going to wreck your expectations for the good and for the bad.

Case in point,  He has wrecked my expectations. There was a long time I didn’t even believe He existed. He showed me. There was a time I didn’t think He cared. He showed me. 

And then there was a time that I believed He would save my cousins. He did and has changed an entire generation of my family. There was a time that I thought He would get me a job. He did, with more pay than I asked for using all the gifts He has given me.


So my encouragement is to expect the unexpected from God.


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