A Travel Companion Book

I love choosing a travel companion book. It’s the book that you begin and end on an adventure. Sometimes I have not chosen wisely as it’s too small or too big or doesn’t fit the tone of my trip, and other times I have found the perfect book.

What I like about these books is that the book may not be that great but the experience of reading it on your journey increases the value of the story. There are some stories that are inextricably tied to a vacation that I cannot differentiate between them causing a bias that will forever taint my review of a book.

I love books. I love that they can do that.

I just finished reading, The Girl on the Train, on my trip to California.the-girl-on-the-train.jpg

This book is a good example of an okay book made better by a trip.

I loved that halfway through my flight to California I started it leaving my seatmate shocked that I could read over 100 pages per hour. I then continued reading this book in car rides, in cafes, and then finished it at the Knott’s Berry Farm hotel. I think I will always remember concluding the book and having to go on rides directly after all the while being consumed with this story. It felt odd enjoying a rollercoaster after knowing what happened to Megan!


What are you some of your favorite travel companion books?

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