Marinating on Socrates in the City

11528037As I’ve stated on my blog before, I am a big fan of Eric Metaxas. Thanks to the Chicago Public Library, I’ve been able to listen to Socrates in the City: Conversations on “Life, God, and Other Small Topics” on my commute to and from work and sometimes when I am cooking dinner.

I have the problem of inhaling my books, but this book forces me to take small bites. It’s filled with questions, wisdom, and sometimes unsatisfying answers. This books demands marination!

To give some background on Socrates in the City, it began with Eric Metaxas who felt the Socrates’s famous words, “the unexamined life is not worth living” was worth living out. So he created a forum to encourage conversations on life, God, and other small topics.

I highly recommend downloading a copy at your local public library or on Audible. It’s completely worth it as it’s the actual recorded sessions from the forum.  Speakers include luminaries such as Dr. Francis Collins, Sir John Polkinghorne, Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks, N.T. Wright, Baroness Caroline Cox Os Guinness, Peter Kreeft, and George Weigel among other thoughtful writers, scientists, theologians, philosophers, political leaders, and historians.


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