Sharing My Big Dream

I recently posted the following on Instagram:


I am going to dream ridiculously big here and share with you something that I like to giggle about: This place will be marked where Tawny Burgess wrote her novel. And some people will come to visit it and grab a coffee and take a photo. And they will think to themselves, I want to write a novel too. And that, my friends, will make me the happiest person. Not that that they read or even liked my book, but because it encouraged and inspired them to work hard at something and to take a chance on themselves and to use the gift God had given them.

There’s my big silly dream. Care to share yours? 

I cannot explain to you the anxiety I felt after posting it. I didn’t check my phone for hours. It’s scary to put yourself out there. And it’s not even putting myself out there that much either. If you know me, you know I like to write. I guess just being so honest about something that is so dear to me made me realize my Failing Forward goals for 2016 is going to be much harder, but also, totally worth the anxiety.

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