nick-miller.pngBeing an adult is strange.

Your skin develops lines. You side with the parents in Disney movies. You reference television shows or movies that the “kids these days” think are classic. You budget, like really budget. You talk with your friends about having a girl’s weekend to get away from your kids or husbands. (Sure, I don’t have kids or husbands, but I don’t mind a weekend devoted to friends, wine, and the beach!) You talk about parenting and how to raise your teenage kids or toddlers. You talk about how you need to eat more greens because your cholesterol is rising. You realize your friends who are turning 40 are only 10 years older than you. You go onto Facebook and see everyone posting photos of their kids being quite adorable instead of the college photos everyone has since deleted.

Being an adult is strange because it’s not strange at all. I can see if you are a person who is always looking back adulthood may have surprised you, but I have always looked forward so adulthood was an inevitability. It’s quite comfortable.

As Nick Miller from New Girl once said,

“I like getting older. I feel like I’m finally aging into my personality.”


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