Online Dating: My Honest Profile

So, since I will be backing away from online dating, I wanted to share with you something.

The question, “what are you looking for in your mate?” is pretty much on every dating app I’ve used and the responses that men put down are comical. I usually respond with a “well, that’s awesome that you want that in a woman, but that ain’t me, buddy.”

So, I wanted to share my honest profile:

I don’t like the outdoors. I hate bees and all bugs. In fact, I will run away if there is a bee around and leave you to defend yourself – sorry. I don’t like going out and dancing, but I love to play Just Dance for hours at home with friends. A perfect night for me? It’s eating homemade popcorn, getting cozy in the bed, and watching a movie. I love movies and will probably talk too much about movies, actors, and fun facts. I don’t wear sexy dresses or high heels, but I am adorable in the clothes I do wear. I am a modest lady and my sexiness is for my husband and not for the world. When it comes to exercise, I work out daily but I am in no way thin. I love my body and I love how I am strong, but my body shape is nothing to be ashamed of. I don’t like physical activity other than Just Dance and working out. Don’t expect me to play touch football with you or go hiking in the mountains. You do you. I will be happy to cheer you on at any sporting events you play in and bring you water. And speaking of sports, I don’t like watching sports. I can’t even pretend to be into it. But again, you do you. I don’t like jogging, but I do like taking walks and reading. I like seeing new places but I am also an introverted homebody.

And here’s the pic I really want to put down because this is what I look like right now, cozy in bed with no make up, enjoying Argo.


The end.

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