Speed Dating in Chicago

The year 2016 is all about getting out of my comfort zone. One of my 3oth bucket list items is going on a date, as since I am an overachiever, I went on several dates in one night via Speed Dating.

Yes, you read that right. I’ve seen it done on television shows and in movies, why not in real life? Besides, it would give me something to write about in a book. So, before I completely fictionalize it, let me write about some of my experience on my blog.

Chicago Speed Dating

I went with my friend Melissa (thank God or it would have been more awkward), to Chicago Joe’s to meet eight men.


This is the before picture. I am a bit scared.

The Process

Each lady sits at their own table. It looks like we’re all waiting for an exam. And then a ring-a-ding-ding happens and a man sits at your table to have a chat with you for five minutes. And then after five minutes, another ring-a-ding-ding happens and a new guy sits down. This happened for about an hour.

In Speed Dating you realize time is relevant. Some minutes seem to last an hour while other minutes seem to last only a moment. I met two guys that made me feel time was very short, which was nice and surprising.

To give  as simple recap: I met some interesting guys. One guy sang to me. One guy told me my nose moves when I speak. One guy wanted to make sure I exercised. One guy and I shared a passion for Trevor Noah and didn’t want to stop talking. One guy was French. One guy was sad. One guy was going to go drinking after this and meet women.

Yup, a lady had her choices.


Some things I learned about myself? I am way more confident than I thought I was. It’s not as scary to talk to strangers. Leaving my comfort zone is actually comfortable. And there’s some nice men out there and there are some weird men out there.

Maybe I’ll do it again in the future. Who knows!


This is us afterwards. A big smile on my face because I had an awesome time!

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