7 Women and the Secret of Their Greatness

I was that kid in school who loved writing book reports. Have a chance to go back through the book I just read and talk about it? Yeah, sign me up for two!

And I graduated and I no longer had to write book reports and research papers. I was that adult who was sad, but not anymore! Because I have a blog and I can write all the reports I want (okay, I guess most people call them book reviews, but whatever!).



I read “7 Men and The Secret of Their Greatness” last year, so I was excited to see Eric Metaxas publish a book on ladies. Metaxas is my favorite biographer. He has such a talent for telling people’s stories that not only encourage and inspire you, but bring you closer to God.

This book is a portrait of seven women through history. Obviously, it’s not extensive, but yet it is still powerful.

The 7 women include:

  1. Joan of Arc
  2. Susanna Wesley
  3. Hannah More
  4. Maria Skobtsova
  5. Corrie ten Boom
  6. Mother Teresa
  7. Rosa Parks

While these women are centuries and cultures apart, there is something that truly binds them: their faith being worked out in history. Not only do they love God, but their love spreads and influences cultures and changes history.

In the introduction Metaxas argues that he is not choosing women who were “the first at something.” Instead, he wanted to focus on women who did amazing things not because they could do what men can do but rather because they did these great things in their feminine strength and identity.

If you believe Genesis, Eve is taken from Adam’s rib, and so the genders actually compliment one another. So pitting the genders against one another only breaks a part the whole – it’s rather unproductive. So this is why Metaxas decided to write about women whose greatness is feminine.

These women used the talents God gave them and did amazing things for God and the world, and well, it’s an inspiring read.





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