Winter & Books

“You can make anything by writing” – C.S. Lewis

It’s winter and that means reading! I am not sure why I am thirsty for books in the winter. Maybe it’s the freezing temperatures outside and my lack of motivation to get out of bed, or maybe it’s because my favorite time of the year is winter and my favorite thing to do is to read, so it’s like a two-fer deal. I am not sure.

I am continually amazed that we are able to take 26 letters and create words that create images and emotions that ultimately become stories that changes a person. It’s surreal.

So, with that said, let me share with you some books I’ve read so far this winter.


I am working on 100 Books Everyone Should Read for the next five years or so (depending on how long the winters are) and so I have decided to pick up some classics that I either read when I was younger, and don’t quite remember, or just read excerpts of because, well, English major.

Anne of Green Gables – I was gifted this book for my birthday after my friend, and several friends, gushed about this book and that were also surprised I had never read it. Well, after reading this book I can’t believe I haven’t read it before! I even bought a copy for my niece.

Little Princess – This book and subsequent movies were my childhood. I loved Sarah and I loved how much I could relate to her with her wild imagination and optimism.

The Giver – Yeah, I had never read this book. I knew much of the storyline because of the movie that recently came out and I was also a big dystopian novel fan in my high school and college years. It’s definitely written for middle school level children. I wanted more and I was rather frustrated at the quick ending. The author just told me things instead of showing me this world.

The Secret Life of Bees – I cried. I had never seen this movie. I knew it was one of the classics to read. I am so glad I read it. It didn’t help that I watched Selma the night before. It’s a beautiful story and the narrative of these powerful women is inspiring. Read it.

Romantic Comedy

P.S. I Love You – I read Cecilia Ahern for the first time while on my UK trip (If You Could See Me Now) and I was looking to read another book by her. Well, I love the film, P.S. I Love You, so I figured it would be the next one to read. It’s very different than the movie and I like the book version way more. For one, it’s set in Ireland not America, and second, the family plays such a significant part in the protagonist’s healing. The movie and book are just two different stories in my head and I love them both.

Science Fiction

Cinder – This is another recommendation from a friend. I thought it was silly initially. Oh, look a young adult novel about Cinderella -how clever. Well, I was wrong! This is a science fiction book that has such an intriguing world built around it and I am already on the second book in the series. I see why it’s the next big YA series.


A Monster Calls – So, this is supposed to be a children’s book but wow, a 30-year-old woman will read this and weep. It’s a beautiful story of a child coming to grips with his mother dying of cancer. And the illustrations! They are as beautiful as the words on the page.

Son of the Black Sword – A friend told me to listen to this book, and I trust this man, so I did. I didn’t even read the description (I usually don’t — no spoilers!). This world this author creates is phenomenal. I love this world! I loved this story and I am excited for the next book in the series. And yes, the narrator on Audible is amazing. Listen to it.




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