7 Steps to Getting Out of the Funk & Getting Funky

Written by Tawny and Kelly


On a walk with Kelly, we realized we’re both in a funk. Our default is depression. We both didn’t want to get out of bed and both of us worked from home the last two days not because of subfreezing temperatures, but rather because we didn’t wanna.

So, we walked it out and talked it out and came up with a list of 7 steps that will help us get through and out this funk.

Wanna join us?

7 Steps to Getting Out of the Funk & Getting Funky

1. Create and keep boundaries

We want to help everyone. We want to take on all of the projects. We want to be there for every coworker and friend. We want to defend the innocent! We want to be superheroes, saviors, etc., but that’s not our role. We need to say and be okay with saying, “No” to people and projects.

2. Be grateful

Jealousy and envy robs us of our joy. We become judgmental, critical, angry, and envious, and honestly, just sad. So we need to list out what we are grateful for when we are upset. When something doesn’t happen our way, we need to remember all of the blessings we do have.

3. Stop grabbing

We have a tendency to grab things when we are depressed. Things can include new projects, food, responsibilities, relationships, etc. We want to concentrate on something other than what’s going on in our hearts and  heads.

4. Release responsibilities

This goes along with number three. Stop grabbing ALL OF THE THINGS and the things you do have release them. Release responsibilities to things that are not  yours. Did God give you that? Did he ask you to take that on? And you know, even if you are responsible for it, you can still release it to God and He can carry it for you.

5. Health is your wealth!

  1. Walk & Talk – We realized we need to do this as much as possible. It’s important to take a break from your day and go outside and walk for a mile discussing your feelings, thoughts, stresses, or relay hilarious tales.

  2. Drink water – Drink lots of water! You know why! Enough said.

  3. Exercise – We realized how important it is not just for our physical health, but our mental and spiritual health to exercise daily. Kelly is a runner and I am a WOD and Just Dance type of lady. Find what works for you.

  4. Chose healthy food – We’re both not perfect at this but we’re working on it. We’re keeping one another accountable. It’s important to remember that we are gaining and not losing anything when we choose healthier options. And it’s okay to eat chocolate every now and then.

6. Know your body!

Our bodies go through rhythms and it’s important to know where our body is at. As females we have periods. Take that into account when you’re emotions are running high and you can’t quite pinpoint what is going on. Also know that our hormones are heightening what’s going on in us, so it’s important to listen.

7. Pray

Prayer is one of the easiest, yet hardest thing for us to do. We want to control things. We want to do it ourselves. We need to pray. Talk it out with God. Release our responsibilities to him. Stop grabbing things that aren’t ours. I put this last but it’s the most important thing. We can’t do steps 1-6 without God. If we try to do all of this in our strength, we will fail – plain and simple.

Over the past year, Kelly and I have been working on incorporating these steps and we’ve seen tremendous success, but we also have our bad days. We write them down now to remind ourselves.

I hope you were able to gain something from our list. Do you have a list? Share yours in the comments below!


I made us posters to print and have on our walls. Please help yourself!

download pdf

getting funky - 1-03

getting funky - 1-02

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