Honey Cake with Mascarpone, Figs, and Pistachios

Photo Credit: Cake Crumbs & Beach Sand

In my 30th year, I have decided to try 10 new recipes (this includes drinks as I received the Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist as a Christmas gift). 

So, the first one I decided to tackle was for New Year’s Eve, Honey Cake with Mascarpone, Figs, and Pistachios by Cake Crumbs & Beach Sand.

I was a bit nervous tackling this as all of it would be new to me, but I have to say everyone who had a slice loved it, which is all I really wanted!



  • I purchased Black Mission Figs which are not the same type of figs in the original recipe. I will say these were just as delicious and more fitting for January weather.
  • In the future I would use a bundt cake pan as the center took much longer to cook nearly drying out the outside of the cake. Though, to be honest, the overcooked batter was delicious as it crystallized the honey! So do what you will with that.
  • After you take it out of the oven, wait 10 minutes and remove it from the pan. AND THEN, throw it in the freezer for 30 minutes. I am serious. It locks in the moisture!
  • I am going to add grounded espresso beans to the top to bring out the espresso in the cake next time I make it.
  • And here’s my photo. (I need to work on my professional food photography skills this year too.)


You can find the recipe here.

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