February 1, 2016 – Read This

So, it is day 5 of #FitbyFirst and this round I have homework! No, it’s not just working out, it’s also answering some homework questions in a journal Carlos made for us.

The question was: Write a note FROM yourself on Feb 1st TO yourself today. How are you feeling?  What is different? Be brave with these few sentences. DREAM.

I wanted to share my answer. Even though I am writing to myself, it was like writing to someone else and I realized I am incredibly critical and hard on myself, but kind to others. I need to treat myself how I would treat others.

So without further ado, here it is:

Congratulations, Tawny B! You lost 10 pounds. How do you feel? I am proud of you. You worked hard. Here’s some truth: You don’t need to stress about what you look like dear old friend, you are beautiful- 10 lbs heavy or light – you’re the King’s daughter. So smile and take pride in the beauty God has given you. Love you!

And with that, I leave a photo of myself on New Year’s Eve, a night I think I received the most compliments ever.


Some background on this image: When Flirting (top) How I look; (left) How I think I look; (right) How I think I ought to look


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