The One About Being 29

If I had one photo to sum up my 29th year:


I think I kicked ass this year. I lost 25 pounds, I traveled the globe, I paid off some debt, put myself out there in terms of dating, and fell more in love with God and learned at a deeper level what it means to submit and to be humble as a daughter of the Eternal King.

I love this photo because I look fierce, I am in the British Museum in London, and I am doing one of my favorite past times- reenacting art.

Birthday Bucket List

I do a Birthday Bucket List each year. Usually on the eve of my birthday or the day of, I look over my list and thank God for all that I was able to do. These lists bring me so much joy and gratitude.

Some of the Year 29 highlights include:

  • Traveled around the UK (had a pint at Tolkien’s pub and went to the Doctor Who Experience)
  • Visited Canada for the first time
  • Went to a NaNoWriMo Event
  • Paid off a credit card
  • Lost 10 pounds
  • Touched my toes
  • Read 29 books (The Martian, Unbroken, Modern Romance, The Innovators)
  • Got my Illinois license!

What will 30 bring?

I am excited for this year and what God will do. Here are some of my highlights on my list:

  • Read 30 books
  • Pay off 1 student loan
  • Teach at least five classes at Real University
  • Go to a bar with friends
  • Finish first draft of novel
  • Visit a new state (where should I go?!)

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