The End of Rdio; Hello Monopoly!

800px-Rdio.svgI’ve used the streaming service Rdio since 2011. It came as quite a shock  when I opened my Rdio account the other day to see their “Important Information” banner in bright blue. Yup, they filed for bankruptcy and sold their intellectual property to Pandora.

Rdio was one of the streaming services that was different than the others. Most of my friends used services like Pandora or Spotify, which may have led to their demise, yet for a loyal customer like myself, it set them apart. They weren’t part of the big digital economy monopoly.

This experience also makes me question digital streaming in general. I’ve had it for nearly five years and I grew quite a collection of favorites and lists. Just the other day I scrolled to the beginning and listened to albums I haven’t heard in years. Maybe it’s best I return to owning my music instead of just renting it. I don’t have any control, yet I’ve invested time and money into it. It’s hard to reconcile.

I guess this is a question for another time.

Your thoughts?

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