A Dream Came True – 2nd Addition

12291239_915137411899735_1844893721370408882_oAnother dream came true this year. I taught today.

To some this doesn’t sound like a dream. And it’s not like I have never taught before. In fact, for a couple of years I was an adjunct professor in the Journalism and Graphic Design departments at a university. (Still can’t believe that happened.)

And yet, today was a culmination of beautiful things coming together.

  1. When I was a little girl I used to teach my cabbage patch kid dolls everything I learned in school that day. I even recreated 10 projects that my cabby kids would turn into me. I loved teaching.
  2. In college I did everything I could to avoid public speaking, so I joined a yearbook class that somehow counted toward the necessary communication credits. I eventually became Editor in Chief and began teaching. Then I moved into the aforementioned adjunct work.
  3. God moved me out of teaching and into full-time graduate work. Graduate work was at a seminary in which I fell more deeply in love with God. In one of my classes, I created a 12-week personal Bible study that taught people how to interpret the Bible. I put my heart into it.
  4. God moved me to Chicago to help plant a church. These three years have been quite difficult. I’ve learned a lot, more specifically, humility and obedience. And I wasn’t sure in what capacity I would be serving in this new season.
  5. A couple of months ago, my pastor asked me to help with a biblical education class, and after some prayer, it was a yes!

And this is where it all comes together. My desire, my training, and my growth all came together to teach a class on how to interpret the Bible. The usual anxiety wasn’t present. The usual pressure of being perfect and fitting in the time to add on another responsibility wasn’t there. It just happened.

A dream I did not realize I still had came true today.

Thank you God. Thank you.

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