Perseverance ain’t no joke

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Thank you

Let me tell you about my #Fitby30 secret, it’s called perseverance.

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This morning hit a good 38°F — winter is coming — and I had no intention of getting out of bed as it was warm and quite comfy inside of my bed, but I am an adult and work is my responsibility. I tried bargaining with myself. If you go to work today, you don’t have to go the gym. In fact, get a Pumpkin Spice Latte. You deserve it! That’s not a true voice. That’s the voice of Sabotage!  So, despite its best efforts, I headed to the gym!

After doing a relatively hard workout (relatively to myself, the guy next to me was Hulk status), I got into the shower. Well, silly me, I forgot my soap/shampoo bag. All right… uhm, well I have to take a shower. I am gross. Soap. The gym gives us liquid soap… I guess this will have to do for hair too. Oi, my hair is going to be gross today. Ah well. It’s fine. It’s fine.

Let’s put on clothes! I forgot my bra, are you serious? Okay… okay… put on the stinky sports bra. Great. Okay, I’ll work with it.

What’s this smell? Oh my gosh my spaghetti squash dripped on my clothes! That’s right folks, spaghetti sauce stained underwear, sweater, and jeans. Lucky me.

Then, I don’t know, I decided to do my weekly weigh in not expecting anything fantastic (please see my shower experience) and well, I hit a goal weight! I hit a freakin goal weight! 

It’s taken me months to get here. Literally, I have been working toward this goal specifically since July and it’s now here. I could’ve easily given up like I wanted to this morning, but I didn’t. I pressed on. Persevered. And now I am here – a smaller, healthier version of myself.

Sure, I smell like spaghetti, sweat, and some weird soap, but nobody ever said exercising was going to be sexy (or did they?)

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