A Dream Came True


I had a dream come true this month. I think it’s a very rare thing to be able to say that without an air of sarcasm these days, but it’s true, and it happened. A dream came true.

Since I was a little girl I dreamed of going to England. All of my favorite authors had lived over in that part of the world, and I believed that if I could just stand where they stood that maybe their stories that I treasured so deeply would become even more real to me.

This dream moved like a snowball throughout my life growing larger and larger as I went to college and studied Literature and met my best friend who also had the same dream I did. And it continued to grow when I moved to Chicago and began saving money and planning with my best friend to actually make this dream a reality. It took two years of planning, severe budgeting, and prayer, but it happened — I left with my best friend to Great Britain and Ireland for three weeks and it was magical.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to tell all the tales and maybe it is best they are kept with me, but I figured I will eventually be able to share some of the adventures I had on this blog. But for now, please enjoy this photo of my friend and I at the Eagle & Child as a preview of an upcoming story:


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