Prayer is Not a Weakness

thecoveringI attended The Covering this past Friday, marking their one-year anniversary. Each gathering is different but the vision remains the same: Creating space to encounter Jesus, experience grace & encourage women.

This month we wrote down some of the barrier’s that keep us from connecting with God. We then formed into a group of about 8 or so and prayed for one another.

I loved sitting with these women for forty minutes and praying with them. I didn’t know any of them before that experience, but we are sisters in Christ, we’re family, and I could really feel the Holy Spirit there with us revealing these women’s hearts to me. I didn’t need to know all the details of the barriers because God knew them. We encouraged, we laughed, we cried, and we bonded in a way that cannot be explained.

At the end of the night, one of the leaders said that what we did was simply asking God for help. It’s screaming out, “Help me!” Prayer is a call for help. It’s telling God, “I can’t do this on my own. You’re God and I am not. Please help me.” Or it’s, “I can’t help her, but you can. Help my sister in Christ.”

It’s a humbling experience because you have to admit you are not in control. And you realize that it’s okay that you don’t have it all together and that you need help because ultimately it doesn’t take away or make you any less of a person. In the forty minutes of sitting with these ladies and praying I did not witness weakness, I saw strength and courage.

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