It’s Like Riding a Bike…

Don’t let this smile fool you. I was TERRIFIED.

My brother came to visit me this week and we had some fun adventures all throughout Chicago. One of the adventures included riding a bike down the lakeshore trail. I’ve been wanting to do this since I moved here and now I was finally going to do it.

Well, I didn’t completely think out this plan. I have not been on a bike in nearly five years! And even that biking experience was for a day. So, really, a good 20 years since I was an adequate cyclist.

The common phrase “It’s like riding a bike” should come with a qualification. Just because you sort-of-kind-of remember how to do something, doesn’t necessarily mean that (a) you should do it or (b) you will be good at it.

The moment I got on the bike I realized my center of gravity is a hot mess. (I trip when walking, so why would I think it would be any different on a bike?) Before this riding rendezvous my brother was questioning why I didn’t ride to work — I only work four miles away!  Well, the moment my brother saw me take a turn on the bike he soon yelled, “Yeah, maybe you shouldn’t bike to work!”

After an hour, six miles, and three crashes into pedestrians and cyclists, I was all too happy to get off.

I’m glad I did it. Mark it off the bucket list. Did something I was scared to do. But let’s just be real, I don’t plan on riding anytime soon.

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