Love in the time of Vancouver 

How’s that for a cheesy headline?

I went to Vancouver, BC, Canada this week for work and I was incredibly excited to finally see and experience this country as it’s been my neighboring country.

While the majority of my time was spent at Simon Fraser University learning and discussing Digital Humanities, Schoarly Communicstions, and Open Access (nerd alert indeed!), I was able to get outside and explore the beautiful west coast.

As I grew up in Southern California, I am no stranger to the west coast.  The landscape was breathtaking. I tried to walk the sea wall as much as I could, even early in the morning when nobody was around and the city was mine. I belong near an ocean. It’s home.

I also had some of the best fish of my life. I found Sushi Home and I became a regular this week. I even became friends with the owners and she was giving me free tea and letting me stay past their operating hours. I also brought a friend! I wish I could bring them back to Chicago.

Living in Chicago, I do not get fresh and cheap fish like this! So I had to take advantage of it by going there every day!

There was a strangeness to Canada too because it was similar to America but there were slight differences, so I kept forgetting I was in another country until they wanted CAD and I only had USD on me. (Thank you shop owner for buying me a stamp!)

If I get time and can’t fall asleep on my flight home, I may write up my thoughts on the conference, but until then. Cheers!

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