A Night With Laura, Johnny, and Marika


Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Laura Marling, Johnny Flynn, and Marika Hackman at Lincoln Hall in Chicago. This is one of my favorite venues in all of Chicago, and now it will be known as the place I witnessed a beautiful show put on by some of my favorite Brits.

Laura is as charming as ever. I think she is much more comfortable talking to us from stage now, and she honestly looks like she is enjoying playing her music more too.

Johnny Flynn was added to the bill after I purchased the tickets, which may have been the best surprise ever. I’ve been a fan of Johnny for awhile and I’ve never had a chance to see him live. It was worth the wait. He’s that good.

Marika Hackman was new to my ears and I definitely intend on listening to her for years. She is extremely talented and humble and I know she will have a lasting career.

The musicians had a great time playing with one another throughout the night, but they finished the night with a cover of Steely Dan’s “Dirty Work” which I recorded below. Enjoy!

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