So, a Nun walks into the Blue…

Blue Nun
Photo by Bartholomew Yeo

You know those moments in life in which you realize you are exactly where you are supposed to be? It’s not because you found a million dollars on the floor or met the love of your life, but it’s because you helped someone in need — and you were the person who was supposed to help them.

I love helping people. According to Enneagram, I am the Helper. I receive much satisfaction in serving others. And I am incredibly happy that God gives me moments throughout the week to do this very thing.

The joke in my house is that I am the Guardian Angel of the Megabus. The Megabus meetup area is near my office and I pass it every day and usually every other day I am helping someone find it. It’s almost become weird if I go a week and I haven’t helped anyone. Is nobody riding the Megabus this week? What’s the haps?

Well, today I got to help someone and it felt so providential that I figured I would share.

The Story of the Nun

Riding the Blue Line in the morning can sometimes be a little overwhelming. It’s commuting time and everyone wants a seat or at least stand far away enough from one another to avoid human contact. I usually stand and listen to an audiobook, I am re-listening to Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothuss.  As luck would have it, a person got up at the Chicago stop and I was so thrilled to have a seat! Especially since the train conductor was a little trigger happy with the breaks.

I sat down and I could feel God’s presence, he was saying, look up. So, I did. And there was a nun in a bright blue habit. And then I went back to my phone. Oh, fail. The next stop came and most people exited the train leaving an empty seat next to me, so she sat down. She tapped me on my arm and asked me where she could find the Megabus. Here it is, I thought! Starting so soon, I see! 

We got to chatting about her life.  She’s from Tanzania and is on her way to Detroit to visit another sister.  She had only been in Chicago this week and plans to return to go back home to Tanzania. Our stop came and I walked with her to the stop and carried her bags.  She told me that I was an angel. I laughed and told her my Guardian Angel joke and she agreed that it was true. She said nobody was really nice on this trip and she knew that I would help her. God knows these things, she says. I smiled recognizing the truth of this statement, and we continued on to the bus.

Before we parted ways, she embraced me and blessed me and I could just feel God’s love radiating from her blessing. It was beautiful.

So, I share this story because God gives us these moments to help others, even in the simple ways like bringing a person to a Megabus, and we can easily miss them by being on our phones or only living for ourselves.  I encourage you to listen, look around, and serve someone today — be a blessing and receive a blessing.

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