What if I were Brave?


I began this year with a determination to do things I didn’t think were possible. What if I were brave? Like touching my toes. Or talking to a man. Or booking a ticket to England. Or getting a second job. Or giving a speech in front of people.

You may be thinking, Tawny that doesn’t sound all that impossible or brave. Well friends, it is.

Being brave, simply put, means doing something that you are afraid to do. I was afraid to try. I was afraid to try and lose weight because what if I failed? What if I wasn’t strong enough to say “no” to bad foods and “yes” to exercising? What if my dream that I’ve had for decades of going to England somehow couldn’t happen?  What if when I finally talked to a man he would reject me?

See a pattern? That pesky WHAT IF.

That question holds much power. It can discourage and motivate. It can cause you to stay put and do something you never thought possible. It’s limiting and limitless. It’s both things and I let it only be the negative. It became worst case scenario and its outcome was somehow detrimental to my life. Yet, in reality, eating a doughnut, not going to England, a guy not liking me, none of these things actually destroys a life. They are just things, events, moments, that only make up bits and pieces of my life and they’re not necessary to my overall well being. They can’t destroy me.

It’s okay to fail because it means I tried.

And that’s what 2015 is about — trying to be fully me. And how will I know who I am without trying new things? In 2014 I wouldn’t characterize myself as someone who liked to exercise, who had self-discipline, who could talk to a man, who would ever think of public speaking, but here I am in the midst of 2015 and all of these things are a part of me. And I like it.

So, I leave you with this: Be brave, friends. Try and fail and then try again. Try new things. Try old things. Try and be fully who you are because you have no idea how beautifully, wonderfully made you are until you try.

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